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We are defenders of the accused. Providing web and internet tools for jails, prisons, courts and attorneys. We have several pre-trial and bailbond related resources. Explore our website for more information

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35 Years of Experience in Marketing Legal Services

Our expertise, Your success.

We have a solution for any practice, Bail Bond business, Investigator or Paralegal service. If you are in the judicial sector public or private we would love to have an informal no obligation discussion.  We can help you with all your Internet Marketing and Tech Support Issues. 

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We know your clientele, understanding the legal system and its harrowing life and death Stories & struggles day to day it's just what we do.

Accused of a Crime?
Law firm marketing

We offer full website design and Internet marketing for Law firms of all sizes and Specialties. 

We avoid conflicts of Interest

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financial Fraud?
Bail Bond Industry

We are working on some industry altering new tools that will change the bail industry Forever. The old dinosaurs of yesterday have fought change every step of the way

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disputes & settlement
Pre-trial Release and Bail Reform

It is time for real change and we are on the cutting edge of Bail Reform and Pre-trial release and monitoring.

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founded in 2003 with A variety of legal Experience

A Passion For Justice. The Experience For Success.

We are experienced in all aspects of the law. Civil, Criminal, finance, Corporate. Our clients include law firms, Bail bond Companies, Paralegal Support Services and Private Investigators and a host of support services associated with the judicial media sector.

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Trusted legal solutions for the real world.

I am so excited to embark on this new journey from my many years working in the field I am finally transitioning to more of a mentor and teacher role.

My real world experience has prepared me so well for this next chapter building modern websites and apps for the judicial sector.

I look forward to working with you please reach out for a personal meeting anytime.

Darin Richardson

Darin Richardson, Owner Judicial Media



nationwide network of Private Investigators vetted and experienced for any matter that may arise. You know the old saying "We know a guy" well we know several.

Bail Bond Network

While Google and Facebook have banned Bail Bond Companies from advertising we have worked tirelessly to educate main stream america on the need for Bail. as well as Bail Reform. The existing system is necessary but changes are coming.


Relationships fail, feelings get hurt and financial losses mount because your clients are ill prepared. If your area of practice is Divorce and family law. Know that we intimately understand this practice area.


Like bail reform child-support legislation is a sensitive and hot topic. there are new tools and technology that can make things easier for broken families to come together and make this difficult situation easier. 


Personal Injury the holy grail of successful law practice for some. We get you those cases is one of our assets in development an affiliated attorney in all 50 states is our goal. Imagine sharing an advertising budget with hundreds of other firms with one goal in mind. to generate leads in your area.

Personal service form experienced attorneys.

Statistics matter.

charges dropped
cases won
cases dismissed
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our Resources and Projects 

The Promise to Appear App is currently in development and will change the pre-trial Release process in an amazing new way. Ankle monitors are becoming obsolete. 

Promise to Appear App in Development

In rapid development crash Injury firm is going to become a household name we are signing up Accident/Injury regional firms in every county in the United States.

You are invited to Inquire.

Crash Injury Firm is a network of Process servers and skip tracers across the U.S. Your one stop for personal service in all 50 states.

Served Process

APP in Development 

Streaming Witness

App in Development

Safety Command


Bail Tablet